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Jonathan ClementsJonathan Clements has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years, calling Nashville home for the full term. Although he has an extensive background in the music business, including artist management, development and career consulting, he found his true calling in 2005, beginning working with authors as a literary agent.

Jonathan founded Wheelhouse Literary Group in January 2010, after running The Nashville Group’s literary and licensing division for five years. He loves coffee, music, and the ever elusive well-crafted sentence. Therefore, you may just find him at the nearest trendy coffee shop, multitasking on his laptop, conducting client meetings, reading manuscripts, and well … grooving to the latest tune. Of course, the end result is helping writers communicate their passion to the masses, to encourage creative types in spreading their words, messages, and souls via book, film, television, music, or whatever new form of medium is yet to come down the proverbial path.

Wheelhouse represents commercial and literary fiction in the general areas of inspirational, historical, contemporary, military, as well as biography/memoir, sports, political, current events and pop culture non-fiction -- all with a values-friendly approach. Wheelhouse clients reach audiences with works projecting values-driven, hopeful messages, and / or family-friendly projects.

Jonathan prefers not to "drop names," but has worked with some of the more influential types within the entertainment and publishing worlds through the years, many culminating in New York Times list best-selling books, feature films, documentaries, and television series under his guidance. Always willing to listen to a pitch, or read a manuscript, you won't meet a more approachable agent. Just don't forget the coffee and the tunes.


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